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History helps us to gather knowledge to know the write and wrong of life by the past experience of our ancestors.Balasore is situated to the north of Orissa located in the south eastern part of the India surround with (States) West Bengal to the north, Andhra pradesh to the south, Chhattisgrah & Jharkhand west and the Bay of Bengal in her east.


There are many records and epics about the naming of balasore [Traditionally written and heard]. The actual name of Balasore is "Baneswar". It was the capital of Demon king Baneswar. Though there are no written proof or records about it , but still people believe on the saying records of our ancestors. It is also said that the "Baman" the holy birth taken by Lord Vishnu asked king Mahabali for trifeet (Tripada) gift. When he was granted the gift by the king then covered the whole land surfaces of the world under his feet. So, there was no place to go for king Bali's son , king Bata as he had not right on his father's property. He went to Lord Varun (Sea) and asked for help . Lord Varun gifted him a small plot beside sea and king Bata canceled the sea in his land, due to which it got filled with enormous sand. So, it was named as Balasore. From this two records names "Baneswar and Balasore" came into existence and is called as "Balasore, the city of sand on sea Shore"


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